Investments with High Visibility

Investikad is an aggregator of P2P (peer-to-peer) investment opportunities across multiple platforms, countries and currencies. Investikad will help you to find investment opportunities within properties, personal loans and projects of various sizes and potentials.

Real Estate

Invest in properties:

  • Commercial and private property projects of various scale
  • Secured and backed-up by trusted loan originators
  • The posibillity to sell your investment on the secondary market
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Personal Loans

Invest in personal loans:

  • Invest in personal loans with minimal efforts
  • Great selection of loan types and range
  • Trusted and secured loan originators
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Investments in numbers

Real Estate loan icon
  • Total available loans: 230, 124
  • Available amount to borrow: £500,000
  • Loans added in the past 7 days: 2311
  • Loan types by availiblity: personal 42%, property 27%, car finance 12%
Personal Loans investment icon
  • Popular investments: Property: 35%, Business start: 16%
  • Total amount available: £325,456
  • Average return yield past 7 days: 9.5%
Totals money icon
  • Total platforms: 123
  • Total market value: £4,124 milions
  • Total active investments: 230,000